Our Drivers

Our drivers are an integral part of our operations and such are held accountable for the service they provide.

Our drivers are professionals as to they understand the benefits of good customer service and wishes to be part of an organization that is growing due to its commitment of good service to customers.

We encourage professionalism, teamwork and the willingness to work to make this company the best in the market place. It costs you nothing extra to provide a complete service. 99% of our work is Airport work. Jobs are pre allocated to drivers in advance, so there can be no mistakes.

All our drivers have been employed with us for more than 5 years, never wants to leave the job unless retirement. This proves a fact, that we as company have never had complaints of our drivers on qualities of our drivers.

Key facts of our drivers;

  • Middle Aged with vast experience
  • Careful driving
  • Well known to the road network
  • Technical background
  • Follow traffic rules

Key facts of our drivers;

  • Respectful – ‘Sir, Madam, Thank you, Greeting’
  • Well Attired and pleasant – ‘At all times our drivers wear clean uniforms and being pleasant is at its best’
  • Groomed – ‘Our drivers are well groomed, and strictly follows same constantly during a the work shift’
  • Well spoken – ‘All our drivers speak English’
  • Sober habits – ‘None of our drivers have alcoholic habits nor smoking’
  • Naturally Polite – ‘It is unusual for our drivers not been polite at all times’
  • Always ready to be Help – ‘always open the door to the passenger and assist in loading and unloading of baggages’
  • Do not disturb the passengers – ‘Drivers will not disturb the passengers at any cost, unless to seek guidance on the route towards interior areas.’
  • Trustworthy – ‘our drivers are extremely trustworthy, whereas he acts like a family driver’
  • Mobile Phones – ‘No usage of mobile phones for private calls during a journey, unless an emergency call from the office.’